MAC published an interim report on the causes of the crash Boeing-737 in Rostov

МАК опубликовал промежуточный отчет о причинах крушения Boeing-737 в Ростове

The interstate aviation Committee (POPPY) has published the interim report on the crash of Boeing-737 of airline Flydubai Rostov. It is noted that it contains arrived at this point in the Commission for the investigation factual information.

“The Commission continues to collect and analyze information about crew training, the assessment of his action in flight emergency, the estimation of psychoemotional status and health of systems and units of aircraft. Upon completion of work, Commission of inquiry Final report”, – reported in POPPY, noting that the information in the current report is preliminary and may be updated.

The document is reconstructed scheme of development of emergency situations on Board, resulting in the night of 19 March, has killed 55 passengers and 7 crew members.

As it was established by the Commission the POPPY, Boeing flights from Dubai to Rostov has passed in a regular mode. The plane was technically sound, two of his pilots are experienced, each of them spent at the helm of almost 6 thousand hours, and the weather on the route, in the airport landing and even two spare airports — Krasnodar and Volgograd — “don’t let the job”.

Already during the landing in Rostov, pilots, obviously, scared the wind shear. Saying Russian Manager that the onboard systems of the aircraft have registered this dangerous phenomenon, the pilots had gone around. They scored the specified height of 2.5 km and discover the “weak ice”, climbed another 2 km, the so-called left in the waiting area for almost two hours.

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The second attempt to Board was made by the crew at 3:23 local time: the machine is running on autopilot safely dropped and stood on a landing straight-in glide path, but at an altitude of about 600 m, the commander of the crew was forced to disable the so-called mechanical traction and to take it over. Dropping to the level of 220 m from the surface of the earth,the commander drove the car on the third lap.

Boeing gaining a height of about 1 thousand meters, according to experts, was not to fall, to dive to the ground in a controlled flight commander. This has led to catastrophic consequences: in the cab have any negative overload. The commander seems to have realized that a disaster is inevitable, when the machine is “ducked” under the clouds, and became visible the lights of the airport. But to interrupt his last flight, going at a speed about 600 km/h and at an angle of about 50 degrees to the ground, could not.

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Earlier, citing a source close to the investigation reported that the plane crash in Rostov-on-don could lead the fight between the pilots. After decoding the flight recorders of the crashed Boeing, dominant in the investigation became the version error of pilots.