Macierewicz: the Kremlin is the source of today’s military threat to Europe

Мацеревич: Кремль - это источник сегодняшней военной угрозы для Европы

The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macarevich

The Kremlin is the source of today’s military threat to Europe. This statement was made by Minister of national defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz, speaking at the opening of the academic year in the graduate school of social and media culture in toruń. About it reports “Radio Poland”.

In the speech, defense Minister expressed confidence that the decision of the NATO summit in Warsaw have historical significance for Central and Eastern Europe, as is not Russia decides what troops are entitled to stay in Poland: “the Kremlin is the source of today’s military threat to Europe.”

At the opening of the academic year Lazarevich noted that “the goal of Russia’s actions to restore domination over Poland”.

The Minister of defence said: “the Change in the country radiates influence on the geopolitical situation around the world, and the world and our allies saw that the poles want to defend their independence and freedom. Returned to the ability of extraction of the Polish potential of these forces.”

Addressing the students, particularly Lazarevic said that in the current times of information war, the struggle for consciousness are the key to victory or defeat, survival and development of the nation or its destruction – to be or not to be. Therefore, important factors in security is the system of international unions. Among the important things, the Minister also called aspect of the cyber threat and the hybrid aggression.

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