Mag: Crystallize and SoNNeikO is the future of Na’vi

Mag: Crystallize и SoNNeikO - это будущее Na'Vi

They are the best players in their positions – the New coach Natus Vincere told what role he will fulfill in the team.

Andrew Mag Chypenko told why he decided to become a coach and how he came to Natus Vincere and what he thinks about the new composition of the Ukrainian team.

“ After last season I thought why don’t I get one of the large groups, which I will impress, as a coach. I need a team that will be glad to chat with players, and I myself will be making progress. This all will make a difference to the team, what they lack.

My gaze fell to Natus Vincere. In the first place after the announcement of the new composition. I was particularly interested in working with Akbar SoNNeikO by Butaeva. I’ve played earlier, we had found a common language. In my understanding, is one of the best “fives”. He has very good leadership qualities, which is not enough for many players. I wrote the guide, Na’vi, and somehow it all happened quickly. Talked to the Manager, and the next day I was invited to the office.

At the moment, Akbar and Vladislav Crystallize Kastanek is definitely the future of NaVi. Not only are they some of the best players in the CIS. As for me, they are one of the best players in their positions in the world. At least have the potential to be. The rest of the guys still have to gain some of this experience to play in professional teams at the Tyr-1 level,” said Chypenko in an interview b2ru.

Recall that Natus Vincere were held in a closed qualification The Kuala Lumpur Major..

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