Maidan on October 17. The main protesters under the Rada

Майдан 17 октября. Главное с протеста под Радой

The memorable protest outside the Parliament in Central Kiev.

Under the Verkhovna Rada on 17 October began the protest of opposition parties and political forces. From thousands of demonstrations left hundreds of tents and about 200 activists.

Protest organizers expect Thursday. As stated by the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, on this day, the MPs may consider the demands of the protesters.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko assured that the tent protesters set the Parliament building, will not be demolished, as the right to peaceful protest is “one of the main achievements of the Maidan.

Корреспондент.net sums up the protest near the Parliament in Central Kiev.


Three demands of the protesters

About the action on October 17 organizers, including the people’s deputies Sergei Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayem, wrote actively in social networks all weekend before.

Among the organizers also ex – the Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili and his party the Movement of new forces, Freedom, national housing, Self-help, Civil position, the battalion Donbass, and others.

On the appointed day under the walls of Parliament and its surrounding gathered more than five thousand people. Protect and keep order, approximately 3.5 thousand police officers and national guardsmen.

Майдан 17 октября. Главное с протеста под Радой

The protests under Verkhovna Rada / EPA

The organizers have announced three demands: to abolish parliamentary immunity; to change the electoral law, making party lists open; to create anti-corruption court.

Saakashvili has repeatedly stated the intention to seek the impeachment of Petro Poroshenko, if the Parliament does not react to these conditions.

Майдан 17 октября. Главное с протеста под Радой

Saakashvili at the Parliament / EPA

As we learned from the chat, where organizers coordinate their actions, the protesters plan to gather on Thursday. Correspondence took the journalist Andrey Dzindzya.

According to the police, now under the Verkhovna Rada about 200 people – 50 of Saakashvili’s supporters from the Movement of new forces, about one hundred of the battalion Donbas, and about 50 of Equity.

Despite the small number of protesters for the order in the government quarter in Central Kiev sledyat about three thousand police officers and national guardsmen. It is noted that their number may vary depending on the situation.

Майдан 17 октября. Главное с протеста под Радой

Under the Verkhovna Rada now /


Tents and first blood

In the mid-17th October, protesters began to set up tents under the Rada. Then occurred the first collision of law enforcement officers with the protesters. Only four people were injured, including a policeman.

According to the adviser interior Minister Anton Gerashenko, police Sergeant – closed cherepno-a brain trauma.

It was reported that protesters broke the metal detectors and fences around the Parliament, took away the shields of the guardsmen, and militiamen had to use pepper spray.

Automaidan installed at the entrances to the territory of the Verkhovna Rada of the frame, through which was to pass the people’s representatives. On one side was written “I’m an asshole” on the other – “I hear the people.”

Майдан 17 октября. Главное с протеста под Радой

Protests at the Verkhovna Rada

Also the highlight of the protests in downtown Kiev was a man, “dressed” in Poroshenko.

Майдан 17 октября. Главное с протеста под Радой

The protests under Verkhovna Rada / EPA

But most of all jokes in social networks has spawned a poster of Saakashvili’s supporters, on which is written “came the goats you make”. The lack of punctuation was not in favor of compilers. And maybe good, because not many people in Facebook have not commented.

Users of social networks are also discussed howitzers, which fired near the Parliament in honor of the President of Malta. Many noted that the muzzle of the gun was directed toward Parliament, also claimed that it is illegal.

I turned the power

Even on the morning of 17 October, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said that the Venice Commission urged to withdraw draft legislation that would create an anti-corruption court.

Unexpectedly, however, President Petro Poroshenko introduced a draft law on the lifting of parliamentary immunity.

This is one of the demands of the protesters, however, says that the law can earn in 2020, that is, apply only the next composition of Parliament.

Therefore, MPs who support the protests under Verkhovna Rada, I consider the President’s proposal on lifting of parliamentary immunity “SOP”.

Poroshenko himself reservedly commented on the protests in Kiev. He noted that he was sympathetic to the protests and urged them not to shed blood.

Rada refused to comply with the demands of the protesters, but the people’s representatives expressed their willingness to include in the agenda of Thursday, October 19 two demands: the abolition of immunity and laws on elections.


Who fought

Obsuzhdaemy events 17 Oct steel – brawl parasiuk Geletey, eggs, melted in from Goncharenko Moskvi, and sparring Lasko with Tymoshenko.

Under the Rada the people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk started a fight with the head of the state guard of Ukraine Valeriy Geletey.

“For Ilovaysk you court-martialed!”, – shouted the Deputy, pushing Geletey.

As later told geleta, Parasyuk behaved inappropriately, hiding behind his parliamentary immunity. However, he noted that the MP as such blows he inflicted.

“I in any case with any statement not addressed (in law enforcement – ed.). I’m not saying there are injuries or torn clothing, there was an unpleasant incident… Shock there was, was a push and his verbiage” – he concluded.

In addition, the protesters at the Verkhovna Rada threw eggs at the MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Alexey Goncharenko.

The MP wanted to go to the Parliament building through a crowd of protesters, he threw eggs and chanted insults at him.

In turn, Goncharenko called the protesters assholes, and then accompanied by militiamen headed towards Parliament.

He later said that the egg is useful for hair and also noted that people are not starving, if you can throw food.

Another conflict on 17 October in Parliament between the former colleagues Oleg Lyashko and Yulia Tymoshenko.

Lyashko demanded that Tymoshenko not to talk about corruption, and the return of offshore money, which she led together with Lazarenko 20 years ago.

In response, Tymoshenko, Lyashko, “the presidential Chihuahua” and “Bobby, yapping at the behest of the President.” After this exchange of accusations has increased through the efforts of members of both factions.