Maidan shot from the hotel Ukraine – activist

По Майдану стреляли с отеля Украина - активист

Maidan activist claims that the protesters were shooting from hotel Ukraine

Received six wounds, the activist claims that the Maidan shot from the hotel Ukraine and the Conservatory.

Protesters on the Maidan was shot, among other things, from the hotel Ukraine and the Conservatory. According to Ukrainian news, this was during a court session on the case of the Golden Eagle in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev declared the activist of the Maidan Vladimir Venac, received six wounds during the mass shooting on 20 February 2014.

In particular, according to him, one wound as a result of gunshots he received in the back – the bullet pierced the right lung. In addition, three wounds he received in the hand and two in the leg.

Vencac also noted that saw many militiamen were with pump-action shotguns and fired them up.

As reported by the witness, after his wounds, he came to his senses in the building of the hotel Ukraine, which was the main medical facility of the protesters.

“The first wound I got in the back. But not from the government quarter, where there was a clear threat… and from the Ukraine hotel. I approached the group of protesters who were at the forefront. We saw in the Windows and on the balconies of the hotel Ukraine stand operators, a few people had, had the Windows opened, which was some people and we felt that there was a fire in the back from the other side. Even in the video we saw of the place the bullets hit, which could only be from the hotel Ukraine”, – said Vencac.

He also reported that he saw armed men on the roof of the Conservatory, noting that he took them as security forces, because according to him, civilians were not allowed to carry weapons. “Somehow, I think so, but who with a weapon could be?” noted Vencac.

The witness also mentioned that shortly before the shootings when he was on the Maidan, saw a crowd of people brought five or six of the detained activists of Berkut soldiers. According to him, he felt at that moment that the police did not want confrontation.

“Before carrying the wounded on the Maidan have led, say, 5-6 employees of the Golden Eagle. I saw that people are totally demoralized. I think one more day and the tragedy that happened 20 th, could not be. Those security forces so tired of all that they were ready, I think, to throw everything and go home,” said Vencac.

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We will note, according to media reports, on 20 February 2014 on the day of the shooting of protesters, and killings of law enforcement officers, the Conservatory was controlled by the protesters.

As you know, the Prosecutor General’s office investigates the shooting on the Maidan, which featured the people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky. Investigated the episode of the so-called rifle and Pashinsky events that took place on 18 February 2014, where they found the rifle in the trunk of the car of one of the persons detained by the protesters.

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