Main news of November 30: the Dispute over the missile firings, the appointment “the Prosecutor’s Inquisitor”, the withdrawal of the trump out of business

Главные новости 30 ноября: Спор вокруг ракетных стрельб, назначение "прокурорского инквизитора", уход Трампа из бизнеса

Today, 30 November, Ukraine and Russia conflict over missile firings, in the GPU there was “prosecutorial Inquisitor,” and trump said that out of business. Quite a productive job and the Cabinet approved 10 initiatives to reform health care and resolve issues of payment of heat.

Air force APU we intend to hold a training missile firing in the South of Ukraine over the Black sea on December 1-2. The defense Ministry handed a note to the military attaché of Ukraine, claiming that the firing violated the border of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of defence of Ukraine assured that the exercises correspond to all international standards and to abolish them will not. The defense Ministry admit that Russia might even launch a missile attack on Ukrainian launchers. Russia, meanwhile, has resulted in the increased readiness of the air defense forces in the annexed Crimea.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has appointed Vladimir Uvarov, head of the General Inspectorate of the GPU. Uvarov, a former policeman with 20 years of experience, originally from the Dnipropetrovsk region, retired in 2010 and began teaching. Now he will reveal corruption among prosecutors, but subordinates it will appear only in the new year.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting on 30 November adopted 10 resolutions on the reform of health care. Among them – the concept of development of system of public health and the reform of its financing. By 2020, Ukraine should expand the autonomy of hospitals to introduce health insurance, to create a hospital district. Also regulates the completion of the Okhmatdet.

The government also ordered local authorities to charge for heat only on the counter. Where heat meters not, will pay on average the houses with meters. The Prime Minister Groysman surprised that the heat metering devices are still not installed in all homes, and requires them actively to engage in.

The US President-elect Donald trump said that out of business. In his Twitter he wrote that on 15 December in new York will give a big press conference on this occasion with the participation of their children. Trump, whose assets amount to about $ 10 billion, says the presidency is “a much more important task”.