“MAINBANK”: payment is fast

"МАРФИНБАНК": платеж - это быстро

This year PJSC “MARFIN BANK” has opened a new correspondent account in one of the largest banks “UniCredit SpA” Italy

Such cooperation is an unconditional guarantee of the reliability when performing financial transactions. In addition, the opening of correspondent accounts in the”UniCredit SpA” will significantly reduce the time for approval of payments, which in turn will translate customer service “MARFIN BANK” to a new level.

29 September 2017 independent rating Agency (RA)”Credit Rating” once again confirmed the rating of deposits reliability of PJSC “MARFIN BANK” at the highest level – rating “5”.Highest rating of deposits of PJSC “MARFIN BANK” backed by the traditional indicators of profitability, capital adequacy, systemic Bank.

Earlier on 27 June 2017 has been confirmed and the long-term credit rating of PJSC “MARFIN BANK” at the level uaA. The rating Outlook is stable, which indicates the absence of preconditions for changes during 2017. For several years, beginning in 2009, the Bank retains high ranking position, which speaks of PJSC “MAINBANK” as the reliable partner and the financial institution that has prospects in development. The Bank maintains all the regulations of the NBU and has always fulfilled its obligations promptly and in full. PJSC “MARFIN BANK” does not attract resources from other banks on the interbank market, there is no refinancing and stabilization loans from the NBU, has a positive effect on high credit rating. The authorized capital of PJSC”MARFIN BANK” is 435 000 000 UAH.