Major losses in 2016: Part 1

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

The year has started extremely bleak: in the first two weeks, the world lost a phenomenal musician and a great actor, in February died two classics of world literature. Remembering those we lost in the past year, we have decided to divide this material into two parts.

David Bowie

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

British musician David Bowie died on January 10 after an 18-month courageous battle with cancer. Just two days before the death of Bowie released his 29th album, Blackstar, in conjunction with his 69 th birthday.

Throughout his career Bowie has sold over 136 million records, entering the top ten of the most successful artists in the history of popular music in the UK. Six of his albums are included in the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone.

Before his death, Bowie told the relatives that wants “to go without fuss” and asked not to arrange a farewell ceremony. So it secretly cremated in the United States, and the ashes he bequeathed to dispel in Bali.

A retrospective exhibition dedicated to David Bowie, became the most visited event in the history of London’s Victoria and albert Museum.

Alan Rickman

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

14 Jan, died in London British actor Alan Rickman at the age of 69 years after a rapidly occurring pancreatic cancer. Was diagnosed in August of 2015, after the actor suffered a minor heart attack.

A memorial service for the actor was held February 3, 2016 in St. Paul’s Church (Covent garden), which is also known as the actors Church. At the service attended by only close friends and family.

Channel “Anglophile” reported about the establishment of the award named after Alan Rickman. Sam Rickman received it posthumously, the name of the first winner will be announced separately.

Harper Lee

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

American writer Harper Lee died at the age of 89 years on February 19.

The novel “to Kill a Mockingbird” is considered a classic of American literature, she was awarded the Pulitzer prize. In 2015, Lee has released his sequel novel, “Go set a watchman”.

In November 2007, Harper Lee had a stroke, after which he was forced to live in a nursing home. Her older sister Alice, throughout life Whether in charge of her Affairs, died in 2014 at the age of 104 years, after which Lee had virtually no contact with the outside world. The writer was never married and had no children.

Umberto Eco

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

On the same day does not become another classic of Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco.

EKO died at his home in Milan from pancreatic cancer, which struggled for two years.

Eco wrote many essays on semiotics, aesthetics, medieval, linguistics and philosophy. His first novel, “the name of the rose” published in 1980. The seventh and final novel of the writer of “Zero room” was published in 2015, his birthday.

Natalia Krachkovskaya

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

The deserved actress of Russia Natalia Krachkovsky, the master of character roles, died on March 3, on 78-m to year of life, before moving myocardial infarction.

The most famous picture with her participation — “12 chairs” (1971, Madame gritsatsuyeva), “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession” (1973), “This merry planet” (1973), “Pokrovsky gates” (1982).

Johan Cruyff

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

Johan Cruyff

On March 24 at the age of 68 years died a famous Dutch football player and coach Johan Cruyff. Cruyff was an active smoker to 44 years and in 2015 he was diagnosed with lung cancer, from which he died in a clinic of Barcelona, surrounded by wife and children.

Cruyff was a three-time winner of the “Golden ball” three times won the European Cup as a player and once as a coach (with Barcelona).

A friendly match between the Netherlands and France, which took place the day after the death of the legendary striker on “Amsterdam Arena” was stopped 14 minutes, and those present honored with applause to the memory of Cruyff, who wore number 14 in his team.


Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

21 APR iconic American musician Prince (Prince) died at his home in Minneapolis. 57-year-old Prince was found in the Elevator of his own Paisley Park. Among the versions of the incident was a homicide, HIV infection and overdose drugs. The autopsy was named the cause of death was accidental overdose of fentanyl, a powerful analgesic that it was used to relieve severe pain in the hip joint that had been tormenting him for many years.

Due to the fact that the musician did not leave a will, within three weeks after his death, about 700 people called themselves his relatives or heirs.

Dmytro Hnatiuk

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

In Kiev on April 29 at the age of 91 died a Ukrainian Opera singer, people’s artist of Ukraine, hero of Ukraine Dmytro Hnatiuk. He was the first performer hits of the 1960s – the legendary songs “Two colors” and “Miy Kyiv”.

Hnatiuk has recorded more than 15 albums, 6 CD-ROMs. His concert repertoire were more than 85 works of national and world classics.

Mohammed Ali

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

The famed boxer, the absolute heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali has died in the US on 3 June at the 75-m to year of life after more than 30 years of struggle with Parkinson’s disease. During his career, Cassius Clay (real name Muhammad Ali) spent 61 fight, in which he scored 56 victories, 37 of them by knockout. Athlete died in the hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was taken with respiratory disease.

Ali personally has developed a plan for their funeral. The venue of the two-day ceremony was selected arena KFC Yum! where was the last fight Ali in Louisville in 1961. First, there was a farewell ceremony at the Islamic religious rite. The funeral ended with the passage of the procession through Louisville, past places that played an important role in the life of Mohammed Ali from home, where he spent his childhood, to the Museum dedicated to him.

Anton Yelchin

Главные потери 2016 года: Часть 1

On 20 June killed 27-year-old American actor of Russian origin Anton Yelchin. He was found in the backyard of his home in a suburb of Los Angeles, crushed by the jeep Grand Cherokee. Left without the hand brake the car in neutral rolled down a steep slope, his weight pinning the young man against the wall.

Yelchin, known for the films “alpha dog,” “Terminator: Yes come Savior,” “Like crazy”, “star trek: Nemesis”.