Makhnitsky: the Case of the Heavenly hundred pull intentionally

Махницкий: Дело Небесной сотни тянут намеренно

Oleg Makhnitsky, acting Prosecutor General from 24 February to 18 June 2014, – on the deliberate delay of the case of the shootings on the Maidan.

In the Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev again began to hear the case on the shooting of protesters on Maidan on 20 February 2014. And although high-profile trial began last summer and by the winter of judges and lawyers questioned half of the witnesses, now the case is returned to the previous stage. According to official information this was because at the dock, added the accused, says the magazine Reporter in No. 19 of 20 may 2016.

Recall that last year there were two of them – Pavel Abroskin and Sergey Zinchenko. And now, five: “berkutovets” Oleg Janiszewski, Sergei Tantor and Alexander marinchenko. How long will it take for the court to hear and all to observe the whole procedure is not taken to say no expert.

“From the point of view of law, this case should be heard in court. And the sentence should be announced, says the former acting Prosecutor General Oleg Magnitskii. – In 2014 I was told – the investigation is almost completed, all evidence collected. This is what I said to Petro Poroshenko when he became President. To the case of the shooting went to trial, I had another three months. But the President then said that it will finish without me. Already then he decided that the attorney General will be Vitaly Yarema, who will have to bring this process to its logical conclusion.

I guess without a conjunctural decisions are not done. Delaying the process someone is very beneficial

But, as we know, the end is not yet seen. Why did this happen? I guess without a conjunctural decisions are not done. Delaying the process someone is very beneficial. And it’s not just this case.

Two years ago, on hearing there was a lot of corruption processes – in the case Ivanyushchenko, stawicki, S. Arbuzov. And where are those things now? Investigated or not? If the investigation is carried out, at what level? If the funds assigned to these officials, returned, could not ask for a loan from the IMF!

Now the GPU has a new leader Yuriy Lutsenko. Like every new attorney General he will conduct “the audit” work to the public. I can predict that soon the courts will take a lot of cases. But due to the lack of political will, the level of investigation of these cases is likely to be very low. And in court they will simply die or get acquittals. After sprinkling baseless accusations against judges. Although the guilty are not they, and the government that is not willing to follow through.


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