Maksim Shkil: “the Model range of the Audi brand in Ukraine will become identical to the German”

Максим Шкиль: «Модельный ряд марки Audi в Украине станет идентичен немецкому»

Maksim Shkil: “Thanks to the open in Odessa “Terminal” Audi Ukrainians will no longer receive late new model”

In December of this year in Odessa, opened the largest Audi dealership. It is worth noting that the Audi Centre Odesa South also became the first dealer center in the concept of Audi Sport in Ukraine. Participation in the opening ceremony was attended by the founder of Audi Centre Odesa South, Maksim Shkil, the Director-General importer Audi in Ukraine Josef Graf, and the representative of the concern AUDI AG Carsten Domes.

The philosophy of the ambitious project and the principles of the Audi brand in the premium segment of the automotive industry of Ukraine we asked the founder of Audi Centre Odesa South – Maksim Shkil.

Максим Шкиль: «Модельный ряд марки Audi в Украине станет идентичен немецкому»



Maxim, tell us how you came up with the idea and the opening of the Audi Centre Odesa South?

Our company is on the market for seven years, and the Audi dealership we got in 2010. The last five years, we are the leaders in sales of premium cars in the market southern region of Ukraine. In turn, Audi Centre Odesa South – regional flagship dealership. And, of course, the construction of the conceptual Terminal building is a step towards our customers. The initiative came from an importer Audi in Ukraine – the company “Porsche Ukraine”, which enter into the holding company, representing the company Audi, in twenty-five countries and from the plant of Audi AG. We believe in Ukraine. We predict that soon our country will happen to stabilize the economy, and accordingly, there will be an increase in the standard of living of citizens. We also predicted significant growth in the premium segment. That is why we see a great potential in new vehicle sales and service plan with Audi. It is worth noting that the brand from Ingolstadt is very technologically advanced, and the level of quality and investment in technology Audi, of course, advanced. Also by 2020, Audi plans to take the place of leader among the premium brands in the field of electromobility.

The opening ceremony was attended by the representatives of the manufacturer, as well as representatives of the importer. What rating Terminal gave the German partners?

First, I want to note that Audi Centre Odesa South, in the concept of “Terminal” was not only the largest authorized dealership of a German company in Ukraine and one of the most advanced complexes of automotive brands in Europe. This was our German partners. Also worth mentioning that the entire controlling quality during the construction of the terminal was carried out personally by the chief architect of AUDI AG Martin Schmid. During his life, Martin Schmid built more than seven hundred of the Audi terminals around the world. The third point, which is necessary to pay attention – at the time of delivery of the Terminal we passed compliance. A kind of test of compliance with the standards of the manufacturer. By “compliance” we have received 100%. In turn, Josef Graf, CEO of the importer of Audi, assured that our project is one of the most significant he had seen. Thus, the German colleagues praised the Terminal, Audi Centre Odesa South. Now we have to reach set goals and work hard to maintain such a high level brand.

Максим Шкиль: «Модельный ряд марки Audi в Украине станет идентичен немецкому»



Can you specify: which order is it? What are the coming plans of the group?

Now, if we look at competitors Audi in the premium segment, they presented all of their lines for the next few years. Audi in 2016, has pleased us with a presentation of such cars as Audi crossovers Audi Q5 and Q2 and also showed the new coupe Audi A5 Sportback.

In 2017, we look forward to the opening line of standard motors Евро6+. As for the lineup, and it’s SQ7, which will be, without exaggeration, the fastest diesel SUV in the world, and Q7 Etron with a fuel consumption of 2.2 l/100km. We look forward to the presentation of the new Audi A8. It is planned that it will be available in spring 2017 and autumn will go on sale.

Of the line Sport – model Sedan RS3 and RS5 and SQ5 sport crossover.

And all these novelties will be presented in the Audi Centre Odesa South?

Yes. You know, always before, when the presentation of any new model of car, we received it with a delay of six months. Why? Because the environmental standard in Ukraine – it was the Euro5 standard, and, accordingly, producers are not considered us for the European market. But now the company Audi has changed the approach to our country. The plant believes that Ukraine is already a European space. From 2017, our model range will be completely identical to the model range presented by the AUDI AG in Germany, without limitation, operating in the markets of other countries. In particular, this applies to models of hybrids and electric cars E-tron.

Also the uniqueness of the new Audi Centre Odesa South is that we have a large selection of cars and the future car owner can directly test the capacity and comfort of any model for a test drive.

But the cars what brands do You personally prefer? Why?

Only Audi! The fact that I like to drive the car yourself. And I’m sure the people who really are fans of driving, I understand. Especially when you Wake up early in the morning, and the window fog, ice or snow – such confidence in the dynamics of acceleration and braking, which ensures that Audi can’t give any other car.

And finally, what would You like to tell Your team ahead of the New 2017?

First and foremost I want to wish everyone a good New year and Merry Christmas! Let the celebration will be held in a warm atmosphere among friends and relatives to you people. I also want to wish you good health, development and prosperity in the new year not only our team but to all the people. And, of course, I sincerely wish PEACE to our native Ukraine!