Man City Vs Shakhtar 6:0. Online Champions League match

Ман Сити - Шахтер 6:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

Manchester city vs Shakhtar watch online match

In the fourth match of the group stage of the Champions League in the return match will meet teams Manchester city and Shakhtar. The match will take place in Manchester on Wednesday 7 November.

In Manchester on Wednesday, November 7, will be the return match of the group stage of the Champions League between Manchester city and Shakhtar. The starting whistle at the stadium city of Manchester will be performed at 22:00 Kyiv time. will lead the text online broadcast of the match Manchester city – a miner.

At the match in Manchester will work referees from Hungary headed by Viktor Kassai.

In Kharkov on October 23 at Metalist stadium hosted the third round match of the UEFA Champions League group F between the teams of Shakhtar Donetsk and Manchester city. The first encounter between the teams ended in victory for man city with the score 0:3.


Defeat. The gap between the teams.


90. GOAL! Again lost in midfield at the miner, Alan Patrick ball was delivered, it was robbed and BOM Jesus beautifully chipped the net! A hat-trick of Brazilian! 6:0!

88. Sterling was on the sixth, Pyatov has already been played out, but ismaily’s tackle saved a miner.

84. GOAL! Terrible bleed from Matvienko! Just give the ball to a player city, well, then counterattack and a goal Mareza! 5:0!

78. Alan Patrick immediately earned a free-kick. Rakitskiy’s free-kick proble – Ederson in a beautiful jump out! Best moment of the miners in the match!

76. Another replacement: Delph instead of Fernandinho at city, Alan Patrick instead of Maicon and It is taison from Shakhtar.

75. Mahrez in the counterattack and could have scored – wide.

73. David Silva changes Gundogan.

72. GOAL! Jesus again confidently converted from the penalty spot. 4:0!

71. Another penalty! Stepanenko cuts David Silva right in the box.

63. Former city player Kayode out instead of Moraes.

62. From two flanks alternately threw into the penalty area of Shakhtar players city, but to break no one has.

60. Guardiola gives play all: Danilo instead of the Walker.

55. Now Bernardo Silva clocked to everyone I could after a shot the ball over the goal line miner flying.

54. Silva has beaten some of the Shakhtar players and fell, referee penalties have not seen here.

50. Still a half ahead, than the city will do? The incredible advantage the home team.

49. GOAL! A very beautiful goal! Sterling beat two opponents and rifled into the top corner! Beauty! 3:0!

A huge advantage to city, but the referee certainly did.

Ман Сити - Шахтер 6:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов



44. A beautiful combination of city with the transfer Macas from flank to flank ended with a blow to Bernard, who blocked Stepanenko.

40. Kovalenko struck the crossbar.

37. City to the end of the half gives the miner more possession and attack.

31. Jesus forgives the miner was supposed to be 3:0. Good that Aguero is on the bench resting.

28. The miner has pojavilsja after such an injustice, Bolbat struck, and then Matvienko – it’s not the goal.

25. If anything, the match referee Kassai is the one character who did not see Devic’s goal against England at EURO 2012.

24. GOAL! BOM Jesus easily converted the penalty! 2:0!

22. From the penalty spot. What a shame! And this is the Champions League! Sterling went one on one, but did not beat for some reason, and just dropped! The referee awarded a penalty, although Matvienko was two feet from the Englishman. CIRCUS!

19. Pyatov made a mistake in the transfer, defenders of the backup.

17. Bernard with a nice shot between the legs Stepanenko and struck goalwards – Pyatov easily gathered the ball.

16. The training pace while the city plays, only they are with the ball.

14. GOOOL! Just mocking easy goal city. Though they are sweating? Mahrez came up with the ball to the corner of the penalty area of Shakhtar, cool – cool with him, surrounded by three miners, and then crossed the ball to David Silva, who right from the goalkeeper of the closed gate. It’s very simple! 1:0!

11. Jesus said following a Zinchenko – right into the arms of Pyatov.

10. The first blow of the match for the miners! Moraes brought back, but Ederson with the forward’s shot of a miner was not.

9. The first edge city – a miner easily repulsed.

7. Jesus climbed into the offside, and could be dangerous.

4. While the miner with the ball even crossed half of the field.

1. City actively began. The ball from them.


Have city, of course, not an optimal composition. Many DBP Guardiola the opportunity to rest.

Fans in Manchester today’s match is not very interested, a lot of empty seats in the stadium.

Teams are preparing to go on the field.

Ukrainian Zinchenko in the starting lineup, Manchester city – what a surprise! He goes on the field only on very big holidays.

Shakhtar have returned from injury, the leader of team Tyson. But Marlos no.


Manchester City – Ederson, Laporte, Stones, Walker, Zinchenko, Silva, Fernandinho, Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus.

Shakhtar Donetsk Pyatov, Kryvtsov, Ismaily, Matvienko, Rakitskiy, Stepanenko, Maicon, Kovalenko, Tyson, Bolbat, Moraes.

The last game of teams in the Championships

Both teams go into the upcoming game in a great mood. In the last match of the championship of Ukraine Shakhtar beat its main rival, Dynamo Kiev with the score 2:1.

Manchester city destroyed in his field Southampton 6:1 and continued to lead the standings of the English Premier League. The last ten games, Manchester city played with nine victories and one draw.

Standings Champions League

Now in the standings of the Champions League Shakhtar is in last place with 2 points, and man city first, ahead of Comedy from Donetsk by 4 points. All teams played 3 games.

Ман Сити - Шахтер 6:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

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Where to watch the match on TV

The duel between Manchester city and Shakhtar will be shown on the territory of Ukraine on Football 2 TV channel.

The weather on the day of the match

Weather in Manchester on 7 November, the day of the confrontation between the man city vs Shakhtar, will be quite comfortable for all day light rain. In the afternoon the air temperature will rise to +8…+11 degrees.

Forecast for the match

Ман Сити - Шахтер 6:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

Football man city vs Shakhtar Donetsk / photo:

Virtually all reputable bookmakers predict winning Teams. For example, William Hill’s betting on the victory of the home team factor of 1.11, and a miner – 21,0. A draw in the match is estimated with a probability of 10.00.

Bookmakers of Favorite sports put on the winning Teams of 1.12, miner – 21,00. A draw in the match is estimated with a probability of 9.25.

Experts PariMatch victory Manchester city was estimated at 1,12, miners 18,50. That the match ends in a draw – here take bets on 9,20.