Manchester city – real Madrid: Today will be the match of the Champions League

"Манчестер Сити" - "Реал": Сегодня состоится матч Лиги Чемпионов

Photo: UEFA

Manchester City – Real Madrid
"Манчестер Сити" - "Реал": Сегодня состоится матч Лиги Чемпионов

Manchester City – Real Madrid. The British will test the taste of the Champions League semi-final game against one of the tournament favorites real Madrid. Online broadcast of the match Manchester city – real Madrid will start at 21:15 and watch the match on the channel “Football 1”.

April 26, 21:45
Manchester “Etihad Stadium”
UEFA Champions League semi-final
Manchester City – Real Madrid

The British for the first time in its history reached the Champions League semi-final. And naturally, will try to do my best to raise the bar even higher. But due to the rivals real Madrid, will need to jump “over our heads”.

Although to say that the chances of the “city” no, you can’t. The team has good gaming capabilities and a team able to give out the match by playing better than Madrid club. Which in recent time is not the best way. But without Toure and Nasri to compete with real Madrid will be extremely difficult.

The “real” main loss is injury to Karim Benzema, who will have to give place to start most likely Jesé. Thus, the attacking potential of “real” drops slightly, but remains a potent force. Which will make inexperienced in such matches the protection of the city.

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The coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane believes that his team are in great shape. “It is possible that we score the best in this season form. I want to show my best game and try to score and not to concede. The odds in this game and in this match is 50: 50. You can prepare for the big match, but then to enter the field and discover that things are going quite differently. The main thing is to work hard on 150%”.

Forecast 2-1