Manchester United – Barcelona 0:1. Online Champions League match

МЮ - Барселона 0:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

Online Manchester United – Barcelona on April 10

In the match of 1/4 final of the Champions League at old Trafford, Manchester United will play a match against Spanish Barcelona.

Manchester United in the first leg of the 1/4 finals of the Champions League takes home the Spanish city of Barcelona. The match will take place at old Trafford on April 10. will lead the text online broadcast of the Champions League match Manchester United – Barcelona.


Fought – fought Manchester, and won Barcelona.


90. Leopard kills time possession of the ball. They could do that.

88. MJ tries to push, but all canopies are not lead to anything. Here’s who replaced Pereira in the penalty area lobbed bounced off the guests.

84. MOMENT! The pass into the penalty area for Martial, who has the ball was in front of the gate, but did not break

81. Messi had a chance from a free kick, but the shot is frankly not the goal, but De GEA dealt with the rebound.

76. Lingard couldn’t reach it, and yellow have already received.

74. Will reveal the game solskjaer, released Lingard is the fifth defender Dalota.

71. Fred organized a card for Vidal.

70. Vidal fouls Pogba. Again the chance of the owners. Rachford continues to thrash on the wheel.

69. Martial replaced Lukaku from Manchester United.

68. Lukaku shoots across the goal, Ter Stegen collects.

67. Again de GEA makes a save with their feet, this time after hitting Alba.

66. Replacement went. Arturo Vidal comes on to the pitch instead of Coutinho. Sergi Roberto instead of Arthur.

65. The semed cool pass into the penalty area for Suarez cut, the forward has punched in a near corner, but missed.

63. 8:2 strikes in favor of the DOJ, and the score in favor of Barcelona.

61. Another cross into the penalty area spoiled young.

57. Fred published the charged – blocked.

54. Fred famously gave the penalty for Rashford, but Marcus couldn’t stop the ball! Fans drive the Manchester United forward!

52. Threw the box leopards riding innings MJ, one of them Ter Stegen brushed directly on the leg of Rushford, but the young striker could not break through it.

50. Busquets, who has a yellow card, is penalised for handball near the penalty area, but no one sees.

49. Presses DOJ from the start, earned a corner.

47. Good casting was held at Rushford in the penalty area, but too strong. Failed to control the ball Marcus.

46. No substitutions yet.


Leopard sold his first time. Manchester United then began to play more actively, but to materialize this activity have not yet managed.


45. Kick Suarez missed the target.

42. After a missed goal owners play a much better opponent, but the bars enough half-chances to goals.

40. THE TIME FROM MANCHESTER UNITED! Dalat could score with his head but shot parallel to the goal somehow.

38. Busquets fouled again, and he already has a yellow card.

36. SAVE FROM DE GEA!!!! FEET! Coutinho after Suarez and reset errors lindelefa tight shot, but remember who is the goalkeeper from Manchester United.

31. Messi is back to live.

30. Smalling broke his nose Messi. Clearly without malice. Just an unfortunate encounter.

29. Micromini fell in the penalty area, contact, incidentally, was. But the referee watch the replay not even going.

28. Langlais nearly brought. Pressure the DOJ works.

27. The owners are so high pressure that the main raspasovschika leopards is now Ter Stegen.

26. MJ took the ball, pressed high and quickly returns the ball. The canopy on Pogba Lukaku nearly passed.

21. Radford on drums! Again the target, but getting closer.

20. Radford, and Yang ran to the counter, but the transfer of Manchester United captain was very unfortunate.

19. Card Show for a foul on Messi.

18. Fred loaded from a free kick one of the partners, which was attached to the wall.

17. Pogba picked up the ball after a mistake by Busquets the penalty, and Sergio fouled. Yellow card.

14. The whole plan of the Manchester United game went to pieces.


10. Very platano in the defense they play the masters, while hard to take this defense bars.

7. Pogba almost put Rashford one-on-one, Ter Stegen successfully came out of the penalty box and intercepted the pass.

6. Bars more with the ball. But the DOJ is defending confidently.

5. Rachford struck free-kick powerfully, but wide.

3. Busquets cuts Micromini, who was first on the rebound. No yellow cards yet.

2. Barca managed to play two corner already, but even flows into the penalty area was not.

1. Suarez rushed into the penalty area Manchester United, but Smalling replacing not beat.


Part of the Manchester United fans have prepared special posters in honor of Cullera.

Dream theater is full! De GEA stands in the room communicates with partners in Spain from Barcelona. Everything is ready.

Manchester United takes on Barcelona old Trafford – a classic of the Champions League! We are waiting for a great evening!


Manchester United – De GEA, Smalling, LindelEf, Show, Young, Pogba, Fred, Lactamine, Diogo Dalat, Rashford, Lukaku.

Barcelona Ter Stegen, Piqué, Alba, Nelson Semed, Langlais, Arthur, Busquets, Rakitic, Coutinho, Messi, Suarez.

To work on the match Manchester UEFA entrusted best referee of Italy last year, the 45-year-old Gianluca rocky.

Manchester United sensationally knocked out of the Champions League PSG in the last time slightly slowed down in the Premier League. The team of OLE Gunnar sulsher ranks 6th in the standings of the Premier League.

МЮ - Барселона 0:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

Manchester United – Barcelona online / photo:

In turn, Barcelona held April 6 at the camp Nou is a very important match against Atletico. The victory with the score 2:0 is almost guaranteed Messi and company the gold medals of the championship of Spain.

The last face to face meeting of Manchester United and Barcelona:

  • 26.07.2017 Barcelona – Manchester United 1:0 International Champions Cup 2017
  • 25.07.2015 Barcelona – Manchester United 1:3 International Champions Cup 2015
  • 30.07.2011 Barcelona – Manchester United 1:2 Challenge World Football 2011, Final round
  • 28.05.2011 Barcelona – Manchester United 3:1 UEFA Champions League 2010/11, the Final
  • 27.05.2009 Barcelona – Manchester United 2:0 UEFA Champions League 2008/09, Final

Where to watch live stream

Live English-Spanish duel 10 April, starting from 22:00, shows Football 2 TV channel.

Forecast for the match

МЮ - Барселона 0:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Чемпионов

Watch online Manchester United – Barcelona / photo:

According to the quotations of bookmakers, chances of a victory in this match more guests from Spain. Experts from William Hill have installed similar quotes – 2.00 for the win of Catalans and 3.70 on the success of the red devils. On a tie bet with odds of 3.60.

Experts PariMatch the winning team, Ernesto Valverde praised 2.03, Manchester 3,65. That the match ends in a draw – here take bets 3.70.


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