Manufacturers warn about the rise in price of bread

Производители предупреждают о подорожании хлеба

Until the end of the year, the bread will rise in price up to 10%

One of the main reasons for the price rise is the shortage of wheat of 2nd and 3rd class. Also, the price will be affected by higher prices for gas and wages.

The price of bread will grow on average by 10% by the end of 2018. On Tuesday, September 4, said the General Director of Ukrkhlibprom Alexander Vasil in an interview to Ukrainian news.

“According to our forecasts, up to 10% may change the price of bread,” he said.

Vasilchenko said that the amount of the increase will amount to about 1.6 UAH/kg, which corresponds to the increase in the cost of bread for 30-40 cents on a monthly basis.

One of the main reasons the CEO calls the shortage of wheat of 2nd and 3rd class, which is used to produce the flour needed in the industry of bread-making, and its continuous price increase.

So, according to him, the price of flour has increased by 4% to 7.4 thousand UAH/tonne and will continue to grow.

“The price of grain on the domestic market have increased by 700 UAH, so did the price of flour – if it was previously 7,1 thousand UAH/tonne, now – 7.4 thousand hryvnia, and the Agrarian Fund predicts a further increase to 7.7-7.8 thousand UAH/ton. This, of course, will affect the growth of bread prices,” – said Vasilchenko.

Also among the reasons for the price hike, he sees the improvement in gas prices and wages.

Vasilchenko noted that in January-July the price of bread grew on average by 1-1,5% per month.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian “Burger” has risen in price almost in half.

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