Maradona for example, Higuain explained why modern football is degraded

Марадона на примере Игуаина объяснил, почему современный футбол деградирует

Diego Maradona and Gonzalo Higuain

The legendary Argentine striker Diego Maradona used a player of Juventus for Gonzalo Higuain as an example the fact that players nowadays are only interested in money.

The best player in the history of Naploi Diego Maradona was very disappointed that Higuain left Partenopei for the move to the Turin Juventus.

According to 56-year-old Maradona, his compatriot chose the t-shirt a lot of money, and the same was made by the President of the Neapolitans Aurelio de Laurentiis.

“Last season Higuain scored 36 goals is a miracle, and de Laurentiis knew how to use it. He sold it for big money, because for money he would sell his own wife,” said Diego.

“Aurelio saw that Juve needs a striker, and sold them one. I think the decision to move from one club to another must be taken by heart.”

“I stayed in Napoli, and Higuain joined Juventus. The times are changing. I chose a t-shirt. Now they choose the money” – summed up Maradona.

Maradona would have been absolutely right, if told, for example, about moving to China. However, Juventus is not only rich, but also one of the greatest clubs in the world, which want to play many players. Of course, the fans of Napoli Higuain touched the care to their irreconcilable opponents, however, say that the point was just about the money, not the desire to win titles – not.

In addition, word on the pursuit of the big money sound quite ironic from Diego, who recently headed the al-Wasl of the UAE.

This season, Higuain scored 10 goals and 2 assists in 17 appearances in Serie A.

The same news on Maradona, for example, Higuain explained why modern football is degraded

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