Maradona: Neymar’s time to decide – either he makes everyone cry, or laugh

Марадона: Неймару пора решить – либо он заставляет всех плакать, либо смеяться


Diego Maradona has criticised Neymar for the extra
simulation on the football field.

The legendary forward of the national team of Argentina Diego Maradona commented on the simulation of Neymar in the match of 1/8 final of the world Cup against Mexico.

“Someone needs to tell Neymar that he decided: either he makes everyone cry, or laugh. When a player of the national team of Mexico (Lyon – approx. ed.), stepped on it, I wanted to cry, but seeing as he playfully runs after this episode on the field, wanted to laugh”, – quotes Maradona Spanish Marca.

Recall that the national team of Brazil defeated the Mexicans (2:0) and passed to the quarterfinals of the world Cup. Neymar scored a goal and an assist.

Earlier, Gary Lineker said that Neymar plays it as well as screams.

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