March 24 – Day Content Marketing WebPromoExperts

24 марта - WebPromoExperts Content Marketing Day

15 real case studies on content marketing with the results from market experts!

March 24 at 11:00 Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts conducts the most ambitious online conference, under the theme of “Content marketing”. As you know, from whatever channel the user came to the site, this contributes to the content placed in this source. Website traffic is one of the main tasks in the promotion. Content is one of the key tools in achieving this task! “WebPromoExperts Content Marketing Day” event which will allow us to understand how to properly and effectively use content to achieve the goals of your business.

From the reports you will learn:

  • How to understand what content is needed by Your audience and through what channels is it broadcast?
  • Why proper content strategy is 50% of success and how to make?
  • What content brings conversions and loyalty?
  • How to create viral content and whether it is necessary to You?
  • What content is suitable for email marketing?
  • How to sell with the help of the community around the brand?
  • How to build content marketing for an online store?
  • How to evaluate the quality of your content?
  • How to avoid mistakes that kill conversion?

This event, first and foremost, it will be useful:

  • The Internet marketers;
  • Copywriters/editors;
  • SMM/SEO professionals;
  • For beginners who want to master the tools of content marketing;
  • The owners and site administrators;
  • Services customers to promote their websites.

At the conference you will find:

  • 9 hours live broadcast;
  • 15 best practitioners to share their cases, experiences and recommendations;
  • 1 round table with answers, advice and discussion of current issues;
  • gifts and bonuses from organizers and partners.


1. 10 micro-cases. How content marketing can affect Your business. Anton Voronyuk (Head WebPromoExperts);
2. Content or native advertising? Case Yaroslav Kobzar (Director of development projects AIN.UA)
3. Blog Ahrefs: from third world to first. Tim Soulo (Head of marketing Department in Ahrefs);
4. Creative email newsletters: 17 striking examples. Alexander Rys (Marketing in SendPulse);
5. Catch a wave. Features of the situational content. Nikita Kovalenko (co-Founder of a digital boutique Yellow Fox);
6. 100 000 MOMS TO SVITMAM. To attract, Engage and Retain. Ivan Kucherenko (Managing partner Agency digital communications DIEVO);
7. The text on the 1000 likes. Maya Bogdanova (Director, Discovery Center PR Agency);
8. How to create a content plan based on the needs of the audience? Igor Gorbenko (Digital Marketing Expert in Serpstat);
9. TOP 10 elementary mistakes that kill conversion texts. Alina Smolskaya-Choline (Copywriter, content marketer, founder at Laboratory copywriter);
10. How to increase traffic in 2-3 times at the expense of mathematical content optimization. Michael Plekanec (Head of one of the SEO trends in Boosta);
11. Topic and speaker to be agreed
12. Selling letters. Dmitry Kudrenko (Founder and the head of service e-marketing eSputnik);
13. How not to look stupid in the eyes of the media with their texts. Victor Fomin (Editor Of Lifehacker);
14. An integrated approach to content strategy. Case Portmone. Evgeny Savchuk (Director of marketing at Portmone);
15. How to write longreads and what exhaust you can get. Nata zajonc (editor of the blog at Academy of Internet marketing Webpromoexperts).

How to get to the conference?

Register at the link.

On the day of the conference, you will be sent an email reminder and link to it.

Organizers and sponsors: “WebPromoExperts”, “WebPromo”, “ContentYoda”, “Ahrefs”.

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