Marchuk: Lavrov is brazenly deceiving

Марчук: Лавров нагло обманывает

Yevhen Marchuk

Yevhen Marchuk believes that the Russian side hopes that nobody will look at the original text of the Budapest Memorandum.

According to the text of the Budapest Memorandum, its signatories undertake not to apply against Ukraine is not only nuclear weapons but also any other.

This was announced by Ukraine’s representative to the subgroup on safety issues of the Trilateral contact group, former Prime Minister, former defense Minister and former NSDC Secretary Yevhen Marchuk, commenting on the corresponding statement the head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov.

“Take a look at the text of the Budapest Memorandum, and read only the article No. 2 of this document, which States that the signatories “reaffirm their commitments (obligations) … no (! – that is not only nuclear) weapon ever (!) will not be used against Ukraine”, – Marchuk wrote on his page in Facebook.

In his opinion, Lavrov “just blatantly cheating, journalists, hoping that nobody would look in the original text.”

Recall, January 15 Sergei Lavrov said that Russia has violated the Budapest Memorandum, as it is not used against Ukraine’s nuclear weapons.

Moreover, Lavrov said that Ukraine is in parallel with the Budapest Memorandum allegedly assumed in a separate statement of the obligation not to “support a racist, neo-Nazi, xenophobic tendencies, and what happened after the Maidan, was a flagrant violation of those commitments our Ukrainian neighbors.”

Earlier Корреспондент.net understood as Russia “respects” the Ukraine.