Marinka came under fire, injuring two

Марьинка попала под обстрел, ранены двое

Marinka again came under fire

I hit a girl that was walking down the street, and a man who was riding a Bicycle.

Marinka today came under mortar fire, wounding two civilians.

This was reported in the Facebook head of state of Ukraine in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin.

“In Marinka around 16:20 during the shelling with mortars by militants of the city (near St. Prokofiev) shrapnel injured the girl, born in 1997, and a man born in 1946, the Girl was walking down the street and a man was passing by on a Bicycle,” wrote Abroskin.

He said that both victims were taken to the hospital goals.

Last week the checkpoint Marinka fired from mortars.

In addition, the day before in Marinka fired school.