Mariupol flew out of the Europa League, losing to Bordeaux again

Мариуполь вылетел из Лиги Европы, повторно проиграв Бордо

Ukrainian club did well in France, but lost again.

Mariupol was the first Ukrainian clubs have completed their performance in European competition this season. Team Babic reached the third qualifying round of the Europa League, where the sum of the two matches lost to Bordeaux, France.

After losing 1:3 at home, the chances of Mariupol on passage was minimal, and then there’s the French started giving the guests by the 10th minute the score could be 3:0. For 2 minutes, Bordeaux scored a goal, but the referees flagged for offside in the next attack, halchuk responded to hit almost back to back, and several minutes later the bar saved Mariupol from the goal.

Starting to bear the pressure, midway through the first half, the charges of Oleksandr Babych settled in this foreign field, and rarely began to disturb the Costil.

More confident Mariupol started in the second half. Nice beat Churko but it misses. After the shot Tishchenko under the crossbar by the goalkeeper Bordeaux managed to move the ball for a corner.

But at this moment Mariupol had a crush attack and missed twice.

Maxim Pundzh ventured to strike from the corner of the penalty area — the ball rattled the crossbar and flew into the net. 1:0. The guests managed to play the ball from the center, like Camano leaked into the penalty area and from the byline crossed into the centre where a head kick advantage Bordeaux has doubled Shankar. 2:0.

After that, Mariupol actively went forward and was able to earn a promising free-kick, which came from Ruslan Fomin, forward great threw the wall and pulled one back. 2:1.

In the future, the pace of the game dropped somewhat, and the moments there were only the hosts, but Galchuk was good, and a lot of luck our team. The final whistle signalled victory to Bordeaux and departure of Mariupol out of the Europa League.

Bordeaux — Mariupol 2:1

Goals: Pundzh, 56, Shankar, 58 — Fomin, 66.

Bordeaux: Costil — Levchuk, Kunda, Pablo, Pundzh — Shankar, Larger (Tchameni, 62), Otávio (Plasil 89) — Camano (WADA, 63), De Preville, Yussuf.

Mariupol: Galchuk — Kiryukhantsev (Polehenko, 46), Dawa (Jaworski, 46), White, Demiri — Churko, Pikhalyonok, Mishnev, Tishchenko (Vakula, 62) — Fomin, Boyarchuk.

Warning: Levchuk — Boryachuk, Pikhalyonok.

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