Mariupol minimal beat Arsenal-Kiev

Мариуполь минимально обыграл Арсенал-Киев

The charges of Oleksandr Babych second time this season was stronger than the “gunners”.

In the first match of the day in the Premier League Mariupol took the main outsider of the championship Arsenal-Kiev.

The fate of the match was decided by one exact blow of Mariupol in the 81st minute. Vakula received a pass from Pikhalyonok, removed Lola on the backswing and shot from a tight angle beat Sitalo.

Mariupol entrenched in the top six, and Kiev continue to close the tournament table.

In the 15th round of Mariupol would go on a visit to Dynamo Kiev and Arsenal Kiev will take Alexandria.

Mariupol – Arsenal Kyiv 1:0
: Vakula, 81

Mariupol: Galchuk – Tishchenko, Korotenko, Jaworski, Demiri (Kiryukhantsev, 90) – Fedorchuk (Ignatenko, 61), Pikhalyonok – Churko (Zubkov, 61), Mishnev, Vakula – Boryachuk

Arsenal-Kyiv: Sitalo – Nasonov, Sahutkyn, Akakpo, Dubinchuk – Dombrowski, Vakulko Lola, Feshchuk, Ermachenko (Semeniuk, 46) Is Akulinin

Warning: Fedorchuk – Dubinchuk, Lola, Ermachenko

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