Mariupol patrol caught drunk national guardsmen

Мариупольские патрульные ловили нетрезвых нацгвардейцев

The police of Mariupol warns of the danger in the case of chase

In the chase the patrol managed to stop the car on the street First colony.

Night in Mariupol policemen suited a pursuit of VAZ 2108, in which there were drunk soldiers of the national guard. This was reported by press Secretary of the police patrol Helen Hallelu, reports UNN.

“During a patrol on 26 August, around 21:00, the inspectors found violations of traffic rules: at the car “VAZ 2108” does not turn the taillights. Requirements patrol to stop the car driver did not react, but rather accelerated the movement. Police began the chase and lead the offender from the Mira Avenue in the direction of the seaside Boulevard. In the plan-interception is joined by other crews,” – said in the message.

In the chase the patrol managed to stop the car on the street First colony. Inside were three men, who, as it turned out, were officers of the national guard. The patrol drew up a report on the driver of the car.

The police said that over the last two days it already the second case when the patrol detects offenses in the military. Previously, inspectors stopped the policeman with signs of alcoholic intoxication.

“Given the fact that the city of Mariupol is a frontline to escape from the cops very dangerous. In such cases, the patrol can open fire, because the potential fugitive may pose a threat to national security” – note the patrol.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that from Mariupol vyvodyat special detachment of the national guard under Azov.