Mariupol snatched victory from the Dnepr-1

Мариуполь вырвал победу у Днепра-1

Ward Alexander Babich managed to put the squeeze on a Dnepr-1 at the end of the match.

Mariupol won a home victory over Dnepr-1 in 11-m round of the championship of Ukraine. The only goal was scored in the 82nd minute, when Fedorchuk impressively advanced with the ball, played a one-two with Mishnev and a powerful shot from outside the penalty sent the ball under the crossbar.

In the end, the hosts celebrated a minimal victory, which allowed the “priazove” bypass command Mikhailenko in the standings.

In the first round the second round will take Mariupol Kovalevsky ear, and the Dnepr-1 will go on a visit to Donetsk Olimpic.

Mariupol – Dnipro-1 1:0
Goal: Fedorchuk, 82

Mariupol: Galchuk — Kiryukhantsev (Polehenko, 80), Korotenko, Dawa, Tishchenko — Tank, Fedorchuk — Churko (Putrya, 74), Mishnev, Gorbunov — Topalov (Czech, 86)

Dnepr-1: Yurchuk — Safronov, Logins, Gueye (Loperena, 74), Shapoval — Kravchenko, Kogut — Chichikov (Korkishko, 33), Snizhko (Batagov, 46), Nazarenko — Suprega

Warning: Chubatenko, Kiryukhantsev, Tishchenko Snizhko

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