Marketing Director of Shakhtar Donetsk In Ukraine, the low interest in football

Маркетинг-директор Шахтера: В Украине низкий интерес к футболу

Yuriy Sviridov

Marketing Director of FC Shakhtar Yuriy Sviridov told about the problems of Ukrainian football in the industry.

Note that in October, London hosted an international summit dedicated to football business Leaders: the sport business summit. In the event participated as speakers top executives of the UEFA, Leagues, clubs, major brands associated with sports industry, from EA Sports to Instagram. One of the participants of the summit were Yuriy Sviridov, Director of FC Shakhtar marketing and communications.

Here’s what he said in an interview to the press service of the Donetsk club:

“This conference is a top event for several reasons: the topics at the summit indicate the trends in modern sports business, the speakers – respected and interesting in the sports industry interlocutors, and finally, the participants of the colleagues from European clubs, which is useful to exchange experiences and share news, and some set of potentially advantageous contacts,” began he.

“Presentations on some of the topics were held simultaneously, so really had to choose. I was more interested in the section Leaders and Brand. The theme of digital course trend, but at the moment we are not ready to use digital for commercialization because of weak solvency of a loyal segment of fans. In digital communication is already playing a dominant role. But here, the modern solutions require a significant investment. We, unfortunately, must be content with the basic tools: the website, mobile apps, social networks. For the same reason I didn’t find time section eSport: topic trend, but does not correspond to reality, which is the Ukrainian market”, – said the marketer.

The reporters touched upon the topic of marketing in Ukrainian football:

“In Ukraine, the low interest in football, negative perception and a weak purchasing power. It is therefore necessary to start from the fundamental idea is to involve the largest possible number of people in the game, to generate interest in football as a product, in parallel, to invest in infrastructure. We must admit that 95% of stadiums in Ukraine does not meet modern requirements. Stadium is a football – based product. Here we are stuck in the 70’s. I will Say more on the level summits of the Leaders of the theme of the stadium is not discussed, they are not relevant. The business interest – how to maximize profits from investment in the already built infrastructure. For us this is not true”.

“I’m afraid that in your backlog, we have not yet reached the bottom of the fall, so we are moving in the opposite direction from the booming European football markets. We have lagged behind very much. In the near future we will start to lose much countries second tier: Poland, Russia, Turkey. I think, in our country, football/sports business in the normal understanding of it today does not exist. Ukrainian football clubs are not business entities, which aimed at generating income, with the objective of self-financing of its activities. And this is the crux of the problem, the cause of all ills. How much income generates a Ukrainian football on an annual basis? What is the role of the country’s economy? How much a year together, the clubs of the Premier League pay taxes? How much to invest in infrastructure? What prezentuete football online is implemented? As the country fans? How many clubs sell t-shirts? Not a single football official in Ukraine will not answer on these issues” – summed up Sviridov.


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