“Marketing in a single click from iPromo” making complex simple

 "Маркетинг в один клик от iPromo" – сделать сложное простым

“Marketing one-click” – sounds exactly like the main message and slogan of Ukrainian (international) companies in the field of Internet promotion, which all entered the market. New product innovation can be a breakthrough for small and medium business in Ukraine. So, what is this product and what it eats? Read the article.

The first is to make difficult things simple

“Make complicated processes of marketing and promotion is simple – that was the original goal of creating our product,” says CEO and mastermind of the company “iPromo” Nikolai Goncharov.

The business owner does not necessarily know the complex structure of all these processes. All he needs to know is that it works. All just like a soda machine – you drop the coin and get the expected result.

The company “iPromo” only recently entered the market, but is already working with many companies not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Their product – a formula for digital marketing is a project to implement the system generating the flow of potential customers. Difficult, isn’t it? Speaking in simple fact, it is a strategy through which you can gain new clients. The main difference from similar companies and offerings on the market is that it is not a one-time event, no. The founders promise to build a steady stream of new customers after implementation of their product. Sounds like science fiction. But it works!

The project includes a full range of services: development of digital platforms and mechanic activities; setting advertising channels; direct promotion and fixation of feedback in a control system for potential consumers. You say that such services offer many. But, really, it’s not. The innovation of this product lies in the fact that at the end of the program the business gets a customized working system for getting new customers. No traffic, no audience reach in advertising campaigns, and new customers. Constantly. Stream.

The process of introduction of formulas and strategies is carried out strictly according to plan and with the continued support of leading specialists from various fields that control the achievement of the intended result.

 "Маркетинг в один клик от iPromo" – сделать сложное простым



To strengthen brands in the world, this two

While the team “iPromo” works, improving the business performance of their clients, creating the possibility of entering the new level of development, the owner can spend more time improving your product, creating a great brand. This allows the owner of the company professionally carry out their responsibilities for the management of the company and will not atomize to other processes.

“To strengthen brands in the world – our main goal”, – says Nikolay Goncharov.
The company boasts of the selection of specific formulae for the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses. 7 years of experience with more than 100 mi online agencies give them the data to create this product.

“We believe that we are building not only our future but the future of the world. You have a brand, and we have opportunities to make it strong,” – confidently says the CEO of “iPromo”

Three: to be, to do, to have

The usual approach to digital marketing doesn’t work: do not bring long-term result and doesn’t pay. Because it is impossible without the preparation and development of all elements of digital marketing to run advertising campaigns on existing items and wait for some result. At such input – the result will not be simple.

The approach that the company offers “iPromo” is a perfect combination of handwritten create a formula owner for the specifics of his business and consulting project on implementation of this formula the team of professionals.

Well, if you have a business that needs quality marketing solutions – you straight in the company of “iPromo”. They know how to help you.