Markevich: the Mood at all bad

Маркевич: Настроение у всех плохое

Markevich told about the situation in the team

The head coach of the Dnieper Myron Markevych spoke about the current situation at the club.

“The mood at all bad. That’s all I can say. The meeting with the President of the club personally, I was not. Players have left, and how it will happen — time will tell. Any player can leave the team, and who will come — I don’t even know,” said Markevich.

“My future? I do no movements do not. I have another year on contract. Will see how will unfold the situation. Then I will make the decision,” shared the coach’s opinion about their future.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that representatives of Dnepr flew to Portugal for a new coach.

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