Markevich: what I’ve been to a few matches Shakhtar is a coincidence

Маркевич: То, что я был на нескольких матчах Шахтера – совпадение

Myron Markevych

The head coach of the Dnieper Myron Markevych has denied negotiations with the miner.

“Negotiations were not. If a miner needed a coach, they already gave it to understand that. The fact that I was in several matches they played – just a coincidence.

Act Zozulya? I didn’t see it. After the game took off. I haven’t talked with him today going to a team that will ask him how he feels. He’s a smart guy and I think he understands that you can’t do that.

Understand what’s the problem? Now most teams in Ukraine plays without challenges, some players are not paid, where the judges are nonsense and it all poured into that anger and fighting. We collectively lost control of the football. First of all we need the Federation to be more resolute and radical in order to prevent this outrage. Although it is clear that one should not blame. We are all brought to this” – said Markevich.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that dawn defeated Dnipro with the score 2:0 and reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup. After the final whistle Roman Zozulya hit the referee of the match and then began a scuffle between the players.

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