Markevich: what we see is not a Dynamo, and one name

Маркевич: То, что мы видим, это не Динамо, а одно название

Miron Markevich

Myron Markevych believes that natural Dynamo lost to Shakhtar in the domestic arena.

The former coach of the national team of Ukraine Myron Markevych has evaluated the level of players from Dynamo Kiev, having declared need of strengthening.

“Dinamo have lost almost all their best performers, so the result of rivalry with Shakhtar is natural.

The prospect of young people of Kiev? You may play only some of these guys. Reserve, as I see it, the people of Kiev need to look elsewhere. Select all that is best in the club structure, and to intensify, if not players, the experienced and skilled players from other domestic teams to quickly stand up. Otherwise next year could be repeated in the current situation. The recent meeting with Marseille, have shown that the Dynamo are all sewn on the live thread.

And invite players “it is white-blue” it is necessary now, because what we see is not a Dynamo, and one name. Painful to watch…”, said Perkins.

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