Marlos will lose Ukrainian citizenship, if it did not abandon the Brazilian

Марлос потеряет украинское гражданство, если не откажется от бразильского

Marlos with a Ukrainian passport

You have missed out on the midfielder, national team of Ukraine Marlos has two years to renounce Brazilian citizenship.

Brazilian Shakhtar midfielder Marlos in September received Ukrainian citizenship.

The player was declared to the match of Ukraine national team against Kosovo, but together with the team to Albania, where he was a duel, Marlos didn’t. Later he managed to settle problems with documents, and to make his debut with the national Ukrainian team.

Марлос потеряет украинское гражданство, если не откажется от бразильского

About the details of obtaining Marlos Ukrainian passport and told the immigration lawyer Lubomir Kuzyutkin:

“Today Ukraine has a very large queue for both domestic and biometric passports. The major delay in their design that the assembled package of the required documents goes through a few instances, and none strongly do not hurry with the signing of these documents. When they reach the President, there are still longer. This is standard procedure takes up to a year, but in practice there can be a year or two.

If Marlos has submitted documents on reception of the biometric passport, he could get it in a very short period of time. Here’s another question that people stand in line and get it much later,” – said the expert in an interview with Profootball.

Марлос потеряет украинское гражданство, если не откажется от бразильского

It is worth noting that one of the conditions for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is the abandonment of the other.

“From the moment when Marlos becomes a citizen of Ukraine, for two years he must give up his Brazilian citizenship. In that case, if he will not give on, which gave him the passport of the citizen of Ukraine, evidence of renunciation of citizenship of Brazil, he automatically loses the citizenship of Ukraine”, – concluded the lawyer.

Thus, if Marlos does not want to abandon the Brazilian passport after two years will lose the citizenship of Ukraine.

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