Marriage with an ugly man called happier

Брак с некрасивым мужчиной назвали более счастливым

Marriage with an ugly man is for women stronger

According to scientists, these men are more sexual activity.

A group of scientists from Florida state University found that married women with ugly men will be more sturdy. As one of the key factors they call the high sexual activity of these men, reports Esquire UK. Full article on this topic was published in the journal Body Image.

It is reported that the research assistants attracted 113 couples aged 20 years, residing in the U.S. Dallas, Texas. Each of the participants were photographed, and then assessed the attractiveness of his face and body.

The scientists also investigated the question of how often respondents were on a diet, trying to lose weight. Diet is often accompanied by risk of depression, eating disorders, self-dissatisfaction, and personal life. In the end, it turned out that women who are in relationships with beautiful men, less happy. They are more dieting, and their marriages fall apart more often.

As for ugly men, with them, women were more happy, and a similar pair more robust. One of the key points here is the high sexual activity of men, their homework help and courtship.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that according to scientists, marriage is injurious to health of older women.



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