Marseille – Atletico Madrid 0:2. Online of Europa League final

Марсель – Атлетико 0:2. Онлайн финала Лиги Европы

Wednesday, may 16, will host the final of the Europa League in which will play the French Marseille and Atletico Madrid. Online broadcast of the match Olympique Marseille – Atletico M to the Reporter.

In the French city of Lyon will host the decisive match of the current Europa League. Olympique Marseille will meet with Atletico Madrid.

The match will take place on Wednesday, may 16, beginning at 21:45 Kyiv time.

In the betting company Favorit sport is a clear favorite of the meeting believe Atletico. The victory of the Spaniards are taking bets with odds of 1.36, whereas at Marseilles – 3.15.


81. Atletico still lucky – Miroglu struck his head after the filing of Sanson, a Cloud has already been played out, but saved ispace rod.

76. Luiz Gustavo is shown a yellow card for a foul on Gabi.

74. Last substitution from Rudy Garcia: Mitroglou is Germaine.

71. Two assists in the Atletico penalty area in what have not resulted.

66. Shoots Sanson – just past the gate.

64. Took the ball with Marseille, but the moments at franckson not at all. Ateltico, confidently defended.

57. Ateltico much better played in the second half of the match. Clamped instance Marseille at the half and nothing to do.

55. Replacement at Marseille. Njie is of as Monaco. As Monaco was one of the most active part of Marseille.

52. Dangerous after a corner headed goalwards Diego Godin – just above the gates of Marseilles.

49. GOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! 2:0!!!! Koke passed the ball to Griezmann on the edge of the penalty area, after which the Frenchman moved ahead and beat Mandanda. Take Antoine!

Марсель – Атлетико 0:2. Онлайн финала Лиги Европы

46. Atlético starts the second half much more actively. During the break, the experienced Juanfran replaced Vrsaljko.


Atletico created nothing, and leads 1:0. Marcel need to do something, and do it without Payet.


43. Marseille and Atletico Madrid – the two classic antipodes. The French team is cheerful, hilarious, emotional. Atletico is the complete opposite, rigid discipline, rigor in all lines.

42. A lot of struggle on the field, thoughts less. But if you consider that Atletico are basically always fighting and not playing, then the situation is quite familiar.

38. Amavi yellow card for a foul on Vrsaljko.

34. By the way, two years ago in another final, which took place in France – European Championship final, Payet was faced with Ronaldo and Cristiano, too, with tears in her eyes and left the field early in the match. Fate gave Payet favor?

But, by the way, Portugal without Ronaldo then won the final.

33. Payet replaced the 20-year-old Maxime Lopez. Growth Lopez only 167 cm, but they say this is the future of the French national team and Marseille.

32. It is even worse for Marcel is getting. The leader and captain of the team Payet is injured and with tears in his eyes leaves the field. Out

25. After filing a free kick was beaten as Monaco, but the gate has not got.

23. Vrsaljko yellow card for a foul on as Monaco.

22. Marseille pressed, controlled the ball, but Atletico punishes for the error. To endure and sting at the first opportunity – this is football Simeon.

21. GOOOOOL! That’s all Atletico. Zambo-Anyssa couldn’t handle the ball voschle own penalty area. Trim, pass Grisman and goal! 0:1.

18. Payet decided to strike from outside the box too just for the Cloud.

14. A free kick was pagalavan in the penalty area Koke – nobody responded.

10. Atletico, of course, a big favorite, but so far they only defend. That is their style.

7. Rami misses the target after a cross from Payet’s free-kick.

6. Marcel looks a lot better in the beginning of the match! Attack, pressure, rostrum chase Marseille forward.

4. MOMENTSE! How lucky Atletico! Marseille to great counter displays one-on-one Germain, but he’s a privileged position just hits the crossbar.

2. Distance between Marseille and Lyon, just 300 kilometers, of course, whose fans in the stadium more.

1. Marcel, by the way, very original shitting the ball to center field – just beat him in pout and go to press.


Simeon, by the way, disqualified, even for exploits in London. But he’s on the podium.

The club will also be special support. The leader plans Antoine Griezmann was born just a few kilometers from Lyon, the match will be a lot of his relatives and friends.

Lyon stadium Packed to capacity. Fans of Marseille, of course, much more. And they burn, in the truest sense of the word. The whole stadium in smoke.

Diego Simeone and his Atletico threaten on another trophy, the Europa League. Against them, Marcel headed a consummate Payet.



Mandanda, Sarre, Ramie, Amavi, Payet, Luis Gustavo, As Monaco, Zambo-Arissa, Thauvin, Sanson, Germaine.


Cloud, Gimenez, Lucas Hernandez, Vrsaljko, Godin, Koke, Gabi, Saul, Correa, Diego Costa, Griezmann.

In the semifinals, Marseille hosted the Red bull Salzburg through on away goals, in extra time of the match. Atlético in the semifinals of the LES played the first match against Arsenal 1-1 and won the home game – 1:0.

In this season of Ligue 1 Marseille are in 4th place and the club of Madrid, the Example on the second line.

The teams met in the European Competitions only once. In 2008/09 season they played two matches in the group stage of the Champions League. One match ended in a goalless draw and the second won Atletico – 2:1.

The match Olympique Marseille – Atletico Madrid: live stream of the UEFA Europa League final on Корреспондент.net:

The broadcast will begin may 16 at 21:15 on the Kiev time.

Earlier Корреспондент.net was reported that to Kiev there arrived the Cup of the UEFA Champions League.

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