Martynenko’s lawyer believes manipulation of the NABOO of the transfer application to the court part of his client’s cases

The lawyer ex-the Deputy Nikolay Martynenko Igor Cherezov believes manipulation of the NABOO statement about a planned transfer to the court the part of his client’s cases. The lawyer wrote on his page in Facebook.

“As a person representing the interests of Mykola Martynenko, I can say that Artem Sytnik once again something confusing: there is no “case Martynenko,” it is only as a witness, he did not show even a suspicion,” said Cherezov.

According to him, “actually NABOO reached an impasse: first, it happily jumped at the investigation of allegations against Martynenko, thinking that will make him a PR. However, all were based on the paid publications in the media that have not been confirmed. Therefore, the NEB actually began to fabricate a case against Martynenko”.

According to counsel, NABOO the beginning of “manipulation”.

As we know, Mykola Martynenko previously voluntarily refused from the Deputy mandate, stating that he is confident in his innocence and will be legally deny the accusations in his address. He also stressed that as the witness has provided all necessary information to law enforcement.