Martynenko’s lawyer talked about “settling” in NABOO

Адвокат Мартыненко рассказал о "разборках" в НАБУ

The lawyer predicts the imminent closure of the case against Martynenko

The leaders of the NABOO become hostages of their own announcements of high-profile cases, said Tcherezov.

The leadership of the NABOO have any internal squabbles with the detectives who investigate the case of former people’s Deputy Nikolay Martynenko. About this in Facebook wrote to the lawyer Igor Cherezov, representing the interests of ex-MP.

“The head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik has several times postponed the deadline for the completion of the investigation against Mykola Martynenko, which he announced in December 2015. Last time promised to send the materials to the court in late may-early June this year. However, it appeared that to pass nothing , in NABOO, there is still no evidence of the involvement of ex-Deputy Nikolay Martynenko in any illegal actions “, – said Ivan.

Referring to the information of journalists, he reported that the leadership of NABOO after internal squabbles made the decision to form that is (old printouts of Internet publications, the scraps and fragments)” anything – and to convey such materials in a court case Martynenko.

In the end, said the lawyer, the court will close the case due to insufficient evidence.

Tcherezov reminded that Martynenko voluntarily resigned in December and has lived in Ukraine, not hiding from anyone, because I am confident in his innocence. All this time he acts as a witness.