Marushevska was accused of millions of losses

Марушевскую обвинили в миллионных убытках

Marushevska is accused of causing losses to the state

About the charge she told the former head of the Odessa customs.

The former head of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevska in Facebook has published a document with the charges of causing losses to the state in the amount of 6.92 million.

“This is one of the rulings of the Pechersk court, which were searched. This was in those who came under the door of my apartment. Base – the alleged damage to the state in the amount of 6.92 million UAH because of the “questionable orders”, which provided for clearance of goods at the price specified in the contract. Exactly those orders for which the us then blamed “professionals” that they simply duplicate the norms of the customs code. It is those orders, which took customs officials an opportunity to decide at its discretion how much is your product and thus greatly restricted the field to extort bribes. And also, these instructions have already been recognized by the court as legitimate,” writes Marushevska.

Also, the ex-supervisor said that its investigation of its activities decided to do only after her departure from custom, although, the assurances of Marushevskaya, during the year, she spoke about these innovations publicly at various events and in the media.

“Very “prompt” the Prosecutor’s office and the SBU saw this as criminal actions and harm to the state. Not in the billions of dollars the schematic flow of the criminal clans, which control our country! De jure, we are accused of trying to bring about some real change. De facto – it is an attempt to discredit in the eyes of society our work, which angered the corrupt system,” adds Marushevska.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the case of the Odessa customs has conducted 60 searches.

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