Mascherano has agreed a contract with Juventus

Маскерано согласовал контракт с Ювентусом

Javier Mascherano

Spanish media reported that Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano has agreed the details of a three-year contract with the Turin Juventus.

The future of the player of Argentina national team already long time is under question, and today Catalan newspaper Sport reported the intention of Javier to go to the camp of the Old lady.

It is reported that 31-year-old Mascherano has agreed a three-year contract under which his salary will increase every year.

However, the clubs themselves have not yet agreed among themselves, and if Juventus is interested in signing players, Barcelona did not intend to let Mascherano.

This season, Mascherano played for Barcelona 32 games in the Example.

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