“Masks-show stop”: the responsibility of the security forces strengthen

"Маски-шоу стоп": ответственность силовиков усилят

In the law “masks-show stop” will make the difference

The Cabinet has prepared three amendments to the law toughening punishment for violations against entrepreneurs.

Zasadnyi Wednesday, June 13, the government approved the amendments to the law “masks-show stop”. As told by justice Minister Pavel Petrenko, the updated version of the law will contain three important innovations, reports UNN.

“The new package of laws, which was presented to the Commission for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs this week, and this package of laws has a clear accentuation of attention is the personal responsibility of the policeman who committed the violation of the rights of entrepreneurs”, – he said.

According to Petrenko, in this legislative package proposes several innovations.

“The first innovation is that we are moving away from the principle of collective irresponsibility for illegal investigations. Now there is a clear mechanism to record the actions of a particular officer, investigator or Prosecutor. If the victim believes that during the search violated his rights, the person submits a complaint to the court. It will be processed within 15 days, after which the court shall appoint an internal investigation at the place the results of this investigation and the decision of the court the law may be subject to disciplinary and financial responsibility,” the Minister explained.

According to Petrenko, legislation was restrictive period for recovery of damages to entrepreneurs from law enforcement agencies in 6 months.

“We are doing another innovation that allows no time limitation, in the case that will be committed wrongful actions of law enforcement officers for illegal searches, seizure of materials and techniques, to apply to the state claim for recovery of material damage,” he said.

“Another innovation – when there are clear violations on the part of the investigator from the Prosecutor … Now we allow the victim – it may be the entrepreneur or individual to appeal against such illegal actions in court. We also provide an opportunity if the case is considered years, to submit a complaint to the court about groundless delay of the criminal proceedings”, – said Petrenko.

During the meeting Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that because of these changes in the law some law enforcement authorities are preparing provocations against the government and directly it.


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