Mata: I don’t like that football has become a business

Мата: Мне не нравится то, что футбол стал бизнесом

Juan Mata

Spanish midfielder Juan Mata has described his life abnormal.

Midfielder of the English Manchester United and the Spanish national team Juan Mata complained about too high salary and called my life crazy.

“Tickets for the match Manchester United worth £ 40 (57.5 USD). It is not cheap. When people talk about the fact that they are against modern football, I understand them. We earn incredible money, an unattainable sum, with all due respect to the rest of the world. I live in a bubble. My friend lives in real life. He needs to work to get unemployment benefits, to move, until he finds her. This is a normal life. My life as a footballer is crazy.

I don’t like the fact that football is a business. I love this game. I love to train and compete. I would gladly take a pay cut if business didn’t affect the football,“ said Mata.

According to British media reports, the salary of Mata at Manchester United is about 140 thousand pounds ($201 thousand) per week.

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