Matios said, as undermined warehouses in Ichnya

Матиос рассказал, как подорвали склады в Ичне

Prosecutors suspect sabotage in the warehouse under Ichnya

At the time of the explosions near the warehouses operated mobile terminal IMEI code, said the military Prosecutor’s office. With it, the explosive device detonated.

The investigation revealed that a few days before the explosions at the Arsenal in Ichnia in a warehouse watched by unknown people in military uniform. This was stated by the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, reports on Tuesday, October 16, 112 Ukraine.

He also said that the investigation into the explosions at military depots in Ichnya opened a new criminal proceedings on article about the attack.

“I can report, except for article about negligence also was an article about the sabotage, it is article 113 of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – said Matios.

Matios also said that at the moment surveyed more than 340 soldiers. Half of them are using the polygraph.

“It is established that at the beginning of the explosions in the coverage area and control worked mobile terminal’s IMEI code, which cannot be identified, the only one on this site that us is regarded as a direct indication of the use of unidentified telephone to bring one or another explosive device explosion,” – said Matios.

He added that the examination of the scene at the warehouse testifies to the same nature of the explosions in Ichnya, and Kalinovka and Balakliya.

“It is not typical for the initial explosion ruptured the shell or shot to the jet system of fire. In addition, we have significant issues to the organization for the protection of warehouses, because it is for certain established by the investigation now that a few days before this tragic incident to the protection of storage was recorded stay on the territory of the warehouses of unidentified persons in military uniform, which carried out supervision over warehouses. The result is an unidentified circumstances the appropriate attire of the guard, the alarm was raised and the maximum action for combing or location, or the disappearance of these people was not accepted”, – said the Prosecutor.

Matios also stressed that the system security of warehouses in Ichnya was hardly probable not the most serious, in comparison with other similar objects. According to him, there is applied, electronic warfare systems, so the warehouse district was not able to fly drones.

At the same time, the Chief military Prosecutor’s office to journalists UNN, he said that a case of negligence reclassified as a diversion.

“The criminal proceedings were re-qualified under article 113 of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – said the Prosecutor’s office.

As reported In GPU the basic version of explosion near Ichnya I think diversion.

Earlier, defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said that the Arsenal at Ichnya blew up bombs that are pre-laid.


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