Matios said five of the non-combat losses for the day

Матиос заявил о пяти небоевых потерях за день

In the area of ATO five non-combat losses

One soldier committed suicide, and four were blown up by careless handling of a grenade.

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios said five of the non-combat losses on Thursday and three wounded. About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Yesterday 3 combat wounded, 5 non – combat losses (1 suicide, 4 by careless handling of a grenade RGD-5). This is the war and its terrible consequences,” wrote the Prosecutor.

While at first he wrote: “And on the front is now loss – 8 military” that some media initially interpreted as 8 dead

After that, Matios said that meant.

At the same time, as reported by Radio Liberty, the defense Ministry could not confirm the information of the military Prosecutor about the loss of eight servicemen.

“Confirm at this moment I can’t. Because for the last day of such losses, combat losses, we have not taken into account. As of 16 hours we know about one wounded soldier,” said Matusevich.

Yesterday it was reported that the fighter ATO committed suicide in the hospital of Kharkov.

It was also reported that for last days in all three directions in the ATO area intensified snipers.

According to the materials:

Radio Liberty