Matios said that on the border with Hungary is the land private borders

Матиос заявил, что на границе с Венгрией есть участок частной границы

150-kilometer stretch of the Ukrainian border with Hungary is private

We are talking about a stretch of 150 kilometers.

150 kilometers of the Ukrainian border with Hungary are private and represent the common land. This was stated by the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, reports 112 Ukraina.

According to Matios, the border with Hungary in Transcarpathia is actually in private hands, and the guards do not have full access to it.

“So, in fact, 150 km is land, 2 ha village Council has given local residents. After that, they have been accumulated in individual hands, built communication and there are clusters at all, “gulyaypolsky”. When the Baron, telling the Gypsies, who says the mayor or older on site directs the center for these people who are enthusiastically looking for a hand “gives”, – he said.

According to the Matios, he intends to report to the public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko. “I insist, I instructed the attorney General, tomorrow I’ll report to him the situation. I believe that it can’t be, this can’t continue,” – said Matios.

Earlier in the Kharkiv region, the police exposed the channel of illegal transfer across the state border of Ukraine of foreigners.

On the border with Russia detained two Turks who illegally entered Ukraine