Matios told the details of Ilovaisk

Матиос рассказал подробности об иловайском котле

Ilovaisky tragedy was preceded by large-scale attacks

Already installed 78 Russians who took part in the operation in Ilovaisk.

The cause of the tragedy near Ilovaysk became the direct invasion of the huge military forces of the Russian Federation. This was stated in the program FACE 2 FACE with Tatiana Danilenko on the ZIK TV channel the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

“Incorrectly given orders in this case cannot be the basis for the tragedy that occurred. We have, despite the ATO, on the territory of his country, without infringing on the neighbors, there was a direct invasion of a huge group of the Russian Federation. This was a mental error, philosophical … and I wouldn’t have believed that an invasion. At this invasion no one expected,” – said Matios.

Ilovaisky tragedy was preceded by attacks, so we were expecting to the shooting “on the side”.

“But when I went to the rear of the group in Ilovaisk and captured the city of the column of military equipment of regular Russian troops, then came the understanding that we have nothing to save them”, – said Matios.

According to him, after the town was virtually encircled, the ability output was only in one case – under the direct fire of the enemy front which was surrounded by Ukrainian soldiers.

“The Russians said, leave the weapons, we let you go. Everyone knows that all refused. There was a struggle for almost 800 people who could go from Ilovaysk. Unfortunately, the transfer took far fewer people. We have only 300 individuals were captured,” – said the chief military Prosecutor.

Matios said that the error of the Ukrainian military command was not, and that Ukraine will take the court for this tragedy. He noted that the Russian Minister of defence, generals of the Russian General staff, General Bogdanov, who gave a direct order for the shooting of Ukrainian soldiers from high-caliber weapons, will be held in absentia conviction.

“In addition, we set the Russians expressed suspicion, and 78, which, in particular, took part in the operation in Ilovaysk… I Think more than 40 have already been convicted with real sentences,” – said Matios.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier General Prosecutor of Ukraine officially accused Russia in the boiler under the transfer.

Recall that eight fighters from Ilovaisk boiler still in captivity.