Matios told the details of searches in the news

Матиос рассказал подробности обысков в Вестях

The office of the News drove Armored personnel carriers

183 security forces carried out a search in the case of Yanukovych-Klimenko.

183 militiamen carry out a search in premises that belong to the former Minister of revenues and duties of Ukraine Alexander Klimenko. This was reported by the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios on his page in Facebook on Friday, July 14.

“The main military Prosecutor’s office, the Department of defense National police of Ukraine and special forces “KORD” conduct “second wave” of the implementation in the case of criminal organizations Yanukovych-Klimenko”, – he wrote.

Matios confirmed that the search is held and office center “Gulliver” in Kiev, “several floors of which are the property of the ex-Minister and members of his family.”

“The work of the journalists of “Radio News”, which are media holding Klimenko and the group of companies “unison” has not stopped”, – said the military Prosecutor.

In turn, the head of the media holding News Olga Semchenko said that the company has become one of the main targets of the government and its individual representatives.

“How else are we to assess the fact that today the search in the West is coordinated personally by the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios? It is not that other, as excess of authority and a kind of personal vendetta. Our company has repeatedly investigated the activity of Matios. With this inquiry we attribute this “note”,” wrote Semchenko on his page in Facebook.

Recall that in holding the Lead with the searches police came about 11.00 a.m. on Friday, July 14.