Mayweather: Lomachenko is already very old, he wants to spend as much Bo

Мейвезер: Ломаченко уже очень старый, он хочет провести как можно больше бо

Floyd Mayweather spoke about the fight Vasyl Lomachenko with his ward Gerontol Davis.

Floyd Mayweather, promoterwise WBA champion in the second lightweight Geronto Davis expressed sympathy for the Ukrainian champion Vasyl Lomachenko, but made clear that he does not want to organize with him the fight of his ward.

“We don’t have a specific opponent. I can understand Lomachenko, he is very old, he needs to hold as many matches. But Davis for 10 or 11 years younger than him. I like Lomachenko, he’s an incredible boxer, but he recently fought Pedrosoi. Davis was knocked out in the battle for the world title belt, Lomachenko was found with scraps of Davis and passed the whole distance.

Davis now earns as much as Lomachenko, but makes it easier. He does not need to go to the Olympics, spend 400 fights as an Amateur, he just goes out and does his thing. Davis is a real fighter” – quoted BoxingScene Mayweather.

Earlier it was reported that his rival in the next battle could be the British Campbell.

Recall that Lomachenko has already arrived in the USA to prepare for the next battle.

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