Mayweather wants his face was on all Boxing belts

Мейвезер хочет, чтобы его лицо было на всех боксерских поясах

Floyd Mayweather

An American considers himself the godfather of Boxing.

American undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather wants his face was printed on the belt of the world champion under versions WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF.

“I have the emerald belt, money belt, the latter called after me. In fact, I want all fighters are asked to have my face on the WBC. And I need my face on belts IBF, WBO and WBA.

I want my face on all these belts. Face of the godfather should be there,” said the American in an interview with Fight Hype.

Note that for the emerald belt Mayweather fought Pacquiao, and for a cash – McGregor.

According to the materials: