Mbappe boasted their champion’s boots

Мбаппе похвастался своими чемпионскими бутсами

Killian Mbappe

Killian Mbappe will Shine on the field two stars on the boots.

PSG striker Cillian Mbappe boasted new boots after returning to duty.

The Frenchman returned from holiday after the world Cup and showed what boots will be to score in the new season.

Now in the shoes of a world champion is two stars, reminiscent of the triumph of the French team for the 2018 world Cup.


Kylian Mbappe upgrading his boots with ⭐ I ⭐ app (🎥 @k.mbappe)

Publication of Bleacher Report Football (@brfootball) 14 August 2018 12:20 PDT

Earlier it was reported that Killian Mbappe entered in the symbolic team for the 2018 world Cup according to fans.

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