Mbappe inscribed his name in the history of the French team

Мбаппе вписал свое имя в историю сборной Франции

Kilian Mbappe

Mbappe – the first Frenchman in history who scored 10 goals for the national team under 20.

The France forward Kilian Mbappe in a friendly match against Iceland (2:2) equalized in the 90th minute.

For 19-year-old striker this goal was already 10th in the national team shirt (had 26 fights).

As Opta reports, previously, no Frenchman has not scored so many goals for the national team to its 20th anniversary (Mbappe 20 turns at the end of December).

Earlier it was reported that Mbappe Lyon scored four goals in 13 minutes.

According to the materials: