McDonald’s checks information about the opening of the restaurant-clone in Lugansk

McDonald's проверяет информацию об открытии ресторана-клона в Луганске

In Lugansk opened a McDonald’s clone

Lawyers of the network working on this issue.

McDonald’s lawyers are investigating how in Lugansk opened a restaurant in the style of American network at the point cafe, closed two years ago, reports Reuters.

“Our lawyers are working on this issue”, – said the representative of the Ukrainian office of McDonald’s.

The company ceased operations in Luhansk in may 2014 for security reasons.

“Illegal use of trademarks, names and images of products belonging to McDonald’s is an example of infringement of intellectual property rights of the company. In such cases the Corporation reserves the right to address questions about the illegal use of names and images owned by the Corporation, stipulated by the legislation”, – stated in the message of the company.

From the point of view of international law, Donetsk and Lugansk are under the control of Kiev, but de facto, the regions were under the control of the separatists.

McDonald’s in Crimea until

As reported, the American Jennifer Lovdahl kept bought in the fast food restaurant McDonald’s meal for six years in order to demonstrate the high content of “chemicals”.