McDonald’s in China changed the name

McDonald's в Китае сменил название


McDonald’s restaurants in China was renamed the Golden arches.

Restaurants fast food McDonald’s in China changed the name to Zing Guan Men (literally – Golden arches), according to The Paper.

It is noted that changing only the name of the network, the range will remain the same.

Earlier, McDonald’s announced the sale of 80 percent of its business in China. The buyers were Chinese state investment Corporation Citic Group and us investment Fund Carlyle Group.

The new company, which is now China Golden Arches Management Limited, is the largest franchise of McDonald’s outside the United States.

In Russia, arranged a crush at the opening of a McDonald’s

Currently, there are about 2,400 McDonald’s restaurants in mainland China and 240 in Hong Kong. In the next five years it is planned to open in the country 1500 schools.