McDonald’s in Crimea until

McDonald's в Крыму пока не будет

The company has no plans to open his restaurants on the Peninsula.

Russian McDonald’s has no plans to open restaurants in Crimea and sell alcoholic beverages, has informed RIA “news” managing Director of McDonald’s in Russia Alexei Semenov.

“In the near future – we’re not looking (at the possibility of opening restaurants in the Crimea – ed.), because the strategic development plan was drawn up five years ago, we are on it. For us now the focus is, first of all, Moscow, St Petersburg, big cities of Ural, Rostov, Krasnodar is a large million-plus cities,” said Semenov.

The network has no plans to launch the sale of alcoholic drinks.

“If you go back to our kitchen and culture, we have a different attitude towards alcohol and other perception. We still focus on the fact that we are a family restaurant, restaurant for all. And the experience of other countries can say that alcoholic drinks are not so popular in our restaurants,” said a top Manager.

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