McEnroe stopped working with Raychem

Макинрой прекратил сотрудничество с Раоничем

John McEnroe on training Raonic

Sixth ranked Milos Raonic was left without a coach a day before the start of the U.S. Open.

U.S. coach and former world number one John McEnroe has announced the termination of cooperation with canadian Milos Raonic.

In an interview with ESPN McEnroe quite sharply spoke about working with the canadian:

“We stop working together now and it will be the best decision for both of us. It will make life easier for each of us.”

Recall, Raonic hired John in preparation for Wimbledon and McEnroe, being a three-time champion grass tournament, has promoted the output of Raonic in the final of the competition.

The same news on McEnroe has stopped cooperation with Raonic

According to the materials: